snively, fairrell & koehler

Lawsuits & Disputes, Collections & Debt

Commercial transactions and business relationships can go bad and turn into disputes, resulting in costly litigation. Snively, Fairrell & Koehler Law Firm represent clients in business matters from the routine to the complex including breach of contract and other contract disputes, partnership conflicts, business dissolutions, dispute resolution and mediation, litigation, appeals and class actions.

We also have vast experience in bankruptcy litigation, reorganization, workout and debtor-creditor relations. We are a popular choice for clients seeking advice when commercial transactions, credit agreements, business plans, and mortgages fail to proceed as intended. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs today! 479-695-2444

Snively, Fairrell & Koehler Law Firm’s Areas of Dispute and Collections Law Expertise:

  • Lawsuits & Disputes
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution
    • Class Actions — Plaintiff
    • Contracts
    • Litigation & Appeals
    • Meditation
  • Collections & Debt
    • Bill Collection
    • Creditor Bankruptcy Law
    • Collections
    • Debtor Creditor