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Real Estate & Money Matters

Real Estate law includes all proceedings and transactions that deal with real property land and the structures attached to it. Snively, Fairrell & Koehler Law Firm represents both commercial entities and individuals in all these cases, including purchase and sale, construction, mortgages and foreclosures, leases, zoning, title examinations, quiet title actions, closings, management and homeowners associations.

In addition Snively, Fairrell & Koehler Law Firm represents clients in other financial matters, including the areas of creditor bankruptcy law, collections, debtor creditor, social security and disability. Experienced representation in these areas is vital to protecting your assets and securing your future. Call us today at 479-695-2444 for more information on how we can help you in these matters.

Snively, Fairrell & Koehler Law Firm’s Areas of Real Estate and Financial Law Expertise:

  • Real Estate
    • Construction Law
    • Eminent Domain
    • Foreclosure
    • Homeowners Associations
    • Housing & Construction Defects
    • Land Use & Zoning
    • Landlord Tenant
    • Neighbors
  • Money Matters
    • Creditor Bankruptcy Law
    • Collection
    • Debtor Creditor
    • Bill Collection
    • Social Security — Disability